🗳️ OZONE Vault


💡 To initialize the OZONE token, follow the link (opens in a new tab)

You can initialize a token for the OZONE Platform, Marketplace, and Land.

Step 1: Click on initialize token

$OZONE Token vault

Ozone token will provide unique platform utilities and unlock special features.
To initialize, click the Initialize Token vault button. OZONE Vault

Marketplace Ozone vault

You will be able to use Ozone token to purchase assets from the Ozone Marketplace. To initialize, click the Initialize Marketplace vault button. OZONE Vault

Ozone Land vault

You can to initialiaze Ozone Land vault to support Ozone Land. OZONE Vault

Step 2. Connect your wallet.

Select one of the wallets and connect it.


After connecting, confirm initialization and receive a message about successful initialization.