Controls in world

Controls in world

In your world there is a controls for easy navigation.

After loading the world, familiarize yourself with the basic controls by clicking the "Next" button

OZONE Studio

After that, a "control panel" will open at the bottom of the screen.

OZONE Studio

🔸 1. Click to turn off/on the microphone

🔹 1.1 Click to open advanced microphone settings

🔸 2. Click to off/on enable camera video

🔹 2.1 Click to open advanced camera settings

🔸 3. Click to turn on first person/third person mode

🔸 4. Press to enable/disable flight mode

🔸 5. Click to select an avatar

🔸 6. Click to open advanced settings

🔸 7. Click to collapse the "control panel"


OZONE Studio

🔸 1. Click to open main settings

🔸 2. Click to open audio settings

🔸 3. Click to open help

🔸 4. Click to change name