Import scene to the Unity

OZONE Zepeto Studio

Import scene to Unity


ZEPETO World can only be developed in Unity 2020.3.9f1 version

Video tutorial:

Step-by-step instruction:

STEP 1: Click to "Export as" button

Click to "Export as" button and choose "ZepetoWeb" option to start exporting process and download the scene.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

STEP 2: Download package "Ozone Setup"

Download "Ozone Setup" package.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

STEP 3: Create new project at the Unity

Click "New project" button.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

Select "Zepeto Default Project" template and click "Create project" button.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

STEP 4: Import "Ozone Setup" file to unity assets

Drag and Drop "Ozone Setup" package to "Assets" folder in the Unity and click "Import" button.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

Select "Run Setup" option in the "Ozone" menu. This command will install required dependencies.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

STEP 5: Import downloaded scene from ZepetoWeb to Unity assets

Drag and Drop downloaded .zepetoweb package from Step 2 to "Assets" folder.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

Select "Extract Zepeto Web" option in the "Ozone" menu. This command will extract and import scene for you.

OZONE Zepeto Studio

STEP 6: That's it! You are now ready to export as Zepeto package and submit

OZONE Zepeto Studio

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