🏘 Web3 Domains

Web3 Domains


🔸 Start working with OZONE Studio by registering. How to do it, you can see here (opens in a new tab)

💡 OZONE Web3 allows you to manage your LAND and property assets. You can go to view / purchase plots by the link land.ozonemetaverse.io (opens in a new tab). There are currently 2 microdistricts available and we are constantly working on developing new microdistricts. Get your corner in the digital world - become a citizen of the metaverse!

Own the land

⚡ Purchase of plots
Microdistrikt which includes a whole map of small plots that are sold in parts, choose a place and buy it with cryptocurrency.

⚡ Collaborate with Studio
Customize the environment in your lots with our Studio (opens in a new tab) tool.

⚡ Land plot sizes
The Metaverse uses 1-to-1 Real World Scale. So Meter is the unit of measure. So a 10x10 would be 100 Square Meter. While the biggest plot 300x300 is 90,000 square meters!